Wordle challenge

I wrote the following poem for the “Wordle me this” challenge on The Reverie.

Friday night at the local dive:
music plays quiet,
smoke wisps sway in the opening door,
the chunk of pool balls
pulls a curtain across the work week.

Our December shivers leave
us restless, masks
tumbling as whiskey slips
past swollen egos.
At the bar, we all become
one. We are lost
souls writing slow obituaries
in poison and denial.

These whiskey expectations
are a convenience store of past
mistakes where everything’s
a dollar and empty calories
are the consolation prize.

Written by Annie Jadin, speakingvoiceless.wordpress.com.

7 thoughts on “Wordle challenge

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  2. Beautiful. Empty calories as the consolation prize – very poignant. Also I really like at the bar we all become one, it’s the one place where we can abandon our egos, pull up a pew and enjoy the moments of our lives over a fiery drink or two and let the music wash over us until we feel more mellow again.


    • Thanks for reading. I really like the camaraderie and regrouping that can happen at the bar, as well. 🙂 I have a particularly good group of co-workers to enjoy it with! But, the negative aspect of bar “culture” seemed to creep out in this poem…


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