Untitled XIX

Fissures come from earthquakes
and it was an earth quaking
my earth trembling first
then undulating to his force.
Earth resists – that’s why it breaks –
and I said no [I said no]
until I stopped
because I was so very empty
from the last quake
and he was filling me.
I fissured with his taking
pale earth crumbling, splitting
red bands of hidden dirt
shaken free.
His waves moved through the earth
and then subsided, rumbling,
and I am left,

Poem by Annie Jadin, speakingvoiceless.wordpress.com.

One thought on “Untitled XIX

  1. there needs to be a button to click besides like…because i don’t like this. cus it snapshots my experience and captures my pain and yanks out my hollowness

    it stuns me
    this is the essence of a poem, what a poem means

    thank you for your toughness, persistence, insistence on not being beaten


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