Inspiration: John Suckling

Send Back My Heart
By John Suckling

I prythee send me back my heart,
Since I can not have thine:
For if from yours you will not part,
Why then should’st thou have mine?

Yet now I think on’t, let it lie;
To find it were in vain,
For thou’st a thief in either eye
Would steal it back again.

Why should two hearts in one breast lie,
And yet not lodge together?
Oh Love! where is thy sympathy,
If thus our breasts thou sever?

But love is such a mystery,
I cannot find it out:
For when I think I’m best resolved,
I then am in most doubt.

Then farewell care, and farewell woe,
I will not longer pine;
For I’ll believe I have her heart
As much as she has mine.

Published in Love is a Poem (1962), an obscure anthology published by Peter Pauper Press I found in my in-laws’ house over the holidays. I’d never heard of John Suckling but I enjoyed the simple meter of this poem and the willful delusion at the end.


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