data entry


this is peace, i think
that delving into data
soothes my mind with details.
and there is something about this data,
tiny insects waiting to become
numbers in a spreadsheet,
the resistance of pins
entering metallic bodies,
the almost-silent sound of my fingers
brushing against wings
that no longer flutter,
reminding me of what i am,
we are.

Poem by Annie Jadin,

Written for the peace challenge on dverse.


10 thoughts on “data entry

  1. I love this! It speaks to me on so many levels. There have been times when I’ve been very near the lip of the abyss, and war takes me there more often than I would like to admit. Distraction of high order is often the only thing that keeps me from sliding over and into a madness of a type I don’t like to recall. This is very fine.

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  2. Whoa…this is so very thought-provoking. It begs the question–is science and data an answer or an escape? And is sticking pins in weaker creatures a peaceful way of living. There almost seems to be an inherent contradiction in the whole premise and yet, I can and have related to those cold, hard facts (like spreadsheets or data-collection) as a means off avoiding confrontation. Maybe I’m reading too much into this but I love it.


  3. I like the detachment of your perspective here. There might be the temptation to moralize about the fate of these beings, but in the end, you see your role in this, and by extension, the reader sees his/her culpability as well. This was a confident, profound little poem – surely, the best I read all day. 🙂 Mosk


  4. Drone of human
    being.. mechanical
    bees escaping
    to machine
    bee cognition..
    Feeling humans
    busy bees now..
    a Queen
    of Love
    is waiting
    that human
    can feel when
    butterfly wings
    fly.. no
    Love Moves..


  5. surfaces inside me mindfulness of what was taken from me and I can never ever get back.

    that pin, piercing and penetrating, that data injected…

    i have faith that God is taking those slashes and tearings and piercings and overlaying them with majesty, but i am not a fool…in some ways i will always be pinned there and lacking my buzz and rustle

    thank you for writing this…somehow it expiates, even as it reminds


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