Sex addiction

It’s the oppressive heat of an
east coast August and your
mind just wants to repress
this like an overcast sky
when your skin is too tight,
breathing water and sweat and
the heat needs to let up:
clouds splitting open washed
away by sunlight after
rain but it doesn’t.
it just kill you like an
overstuffed snake, it weighs
in your gut; controls you, is
you until you break
down. I need to go down
choking, spit flying and
someone needs to come up
to this empty ache I’ve been
hiding, now fill it fill it
so my skin can start fitting,
it’s air that I’m breathing,
his face was too close and now
it’s receding. Be rough be
a stranger, these echoes
of old hurt erase him. Come
again, fill me up, give me
danger I can taste it and
stop looking back for ten
minutes, an hour, forgetting
for now I’m still empty.

Poem by Annie Jadin,


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