Opposite day

Speaking voiceless
about what happened yesterday
(it was 21 years)
when I was six
(I am 27)

I type words and they appear on-screen
and I think that I am speaking
maybe the black on white conveys
the starkness of old wounds
because the past is always clear.

But I live in color and
old wounds reopen every day,
a nuance that needs shades of red and gray,
colors painted by vocal timbre.
My words are voiceless
what’s buried is still alive
and does anything capture the irony of rape so well
as no, stop
(yes, go)
(she didn’t stop me)
I spoke
(she asked for it)

Poem by Annie Jadin, speakingvoiceless.wordpress.com.
Written for the “Antithesis” prompt at dVerse.


21 thoughts on “Opposite day

  1. Rape is story that knows no heart..
    often a vicious cycle of child not
    loved as well.. to grow a heart..
    strong in emotion and
    connection to others
    will not ease the souls
    and hearts taken away..
    but at least there is hope for
    the next generation to be ruled
    by heart instead of hate alone…


  2. So well used contrast, the darkness of those memories, how those voiceless word can linger. The description of the memories really are well described with those opposites, the stronger the emotions the better the antithesises work..


  3. Not like: acknowleging…yes. Write. Keep yourself as yours. Take yourself back.

    Walking on a parallel path, in solidarity…and wishing you strength and ass-kicking power over all the demons of memory and embedded dirt still washing out in time’s river.

    and much love


  4. Wow, this is powerful writing! And an excellent example of ‘antithesis’ as well. But no, your words are NOT voiceless. They are heard here loudly!


  5. Words without voice, like a silent scream, still convey volumes of emotion. One of my daughters is a social worker, & just last night she talked about a family who had 6 children, 3 girls & 3 boys. The father had been raping his daughters for years, & then he began to train his sons to rape their sisters as well. This kind of evil demented twisted deviates are among us; it stuns me–as does your fine poem.


  6. Wow…..powerful indeed. And no speaking voiceless on this….this just screams out the memories and the continuing to live in spite of it. Very brave, powerful, contrast of living life vs. an evil act.


  7. Oh my, Annie, SO moved by this:

    “and does anything capture the irony of rape so well
    as no, stop
    (yes, go)
    (she didn’t stop me)
    I spoke
    (she asked for it)



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