Around the internet: (I am) Illumined Identity

Walking Is Still Honest Press

She, Her, Me
by Rosemarie Wilson

I am the creator’s daughter,
a spiritual being
blessed with a keen third eye functioning as her voice of reason;
a child of the atmosphere
bearing blood of her people that spilled throughout the land.
I am hope,
patiently waiting for comforting chords sung in harmony by every creature that has breath,
tickled pink by peace filling the void left by chaos.
I am bilingual,
fluent in several dialects known to man,
well versed in the native tongue of our ancestors.
I am
family in every sense of the word
the sister who nags her siblings,
first, second and third cousin holding her kin down,
the aunt standing in for mom.
I am Fort Knox,
a confidant that knows but won’t tell;
the friend who won’t violate the code
or give up the key.
I am a girl playing hopscotch,

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