Certain words hit me in funny ways
that stick
and I repeat them over and over,
silently moving my lips
and feeling my tongue push against my teeth.
I get stuck on L’s, sometimes.
Other times it’s the hard C sound that gets me:
Cloaca (another L).

I think sometimes
it’s the ownership I get,
that by constant repetition they become mine,
or my mouth or my vocal chords
become more mine
by this constant, conscious usage.

Ownership of body is hard to find
when wearing a dress to
anywhere really
any time of day
skirt of any length
sleeves or not,
bare legs or in tights
and there’s something about just looking nice that means
too solicitous door-holding
free drinks when I don’t want them
hands on my shoulder, my cheek, my thigh, my knee (if seated)
my back
my waist
my ass.

We have words for a reason:
nuanced communication that means
all possible.

Not really used.

“Hey baby, can I get a little kiss?”
(or worse)
shouted on the street?

Doesn’t count.

I find my lips moving
Shaping soundless words:
Please don’t.
Leave me alone.

No one ever hears, of course,
and I know that even if I raised my voice,
no one would ever listen.

Written by Annie Jadin, speakingvoiceless.wordpress.com.


3 thoughts on “Female

  1. language and the use of words is so important – and people Should listen if we say something – unfortunately some don’t for whatever reason… the sound of words fascinates me as well.. think that is one of the reasons why i write poetry


    • Yes, I’m fascinated by sounds and the nuances in pronunciation and the definitions of words. I think poets often explore the boundaries of languages, especially their common usages – so inspiring.


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