Night movements

Night movements

Right now something
passes on the sidewalk outside my window.
A skittering scratchy kind of sound
like a twig caught in the hub of a bicycle wheel,
dragging unevenly on the ground.

When I first heard it around the corner
(first softer
softer again)
instinct cocked my head to listen
froze my breath
before I could be detected by breathing
despite the solid wall and closed window
between me and

In the first instant of hearing
I knew a twig in a bicycle wheel
and through the
softer again
and even now I can’t describe what
imagination thought it might have been,
to freeze my breath in terror.

Poem by Annie Jadin,


5 thoughts on “Night movements

  1. Our instinctive fear of the unknown is visceral and a necessary tool in the survival kit…however, it can keep us trapped in ignorance and ignorance will be our doom if we do not overcome it. This is a very good poem.


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